The Design Process

  • The Design Process

What to Expect out of the design process?

I am often asked about how the design process works, from “Should I pick a rug or a paint color first?” to “How do you figure out if everything will look right together?” What a great excuse to provide a peek into Nena Aziz Interiors’ design process — from the first client meeting to the completion of a project. Read on to see my approach!

Step 1. Interview and Discovery Phase. The first thing I need to know is who you are, how you live, and what you really desire for your living space. My client questionnaire form narrows in on these questions. I also create a customized image book using inspirational photos of various interiors. The client’s comments help us visually understand what they are drawn to.

Some Survey Answers: Our client states “I want a space that has modern clean lines, cool colors with a touch of warmth”a space that “felt like her”. She referenced the Boutique Hotel she frequently stays at on her business travels to NYC, and her love of blue, grey and white with a pop of color. Although she loves modern, she also wanted it to be“inviting and cozy”.

Step 2. Measuring & Taking Photos. We measure the space and take photos of each room. The architectural details are taken into consideration when creating the new design.

Step 3. Floor Plans. The foundation for a good design is an efficient furniture plan with appropriately scaled furniture. Multiple floor plan options are provided to the client.

Step 4. Creation of Design Concept. Let the fun begin! The color scheme and overall design concept is created.

Step 5. Paint, Furniture & Fabric Selection. With a clear design concept we start selecting options to present to the client.

Step 6. Ordering and Installation. Nena Aziz Interiors places orders and coordinates any contract work that needs to be done before the furniture is delivered. Walls are painted, light fixtures are installed, and drapes are hung. The project is completed and finishing touches are added such as accessories and personal items.

Voila! The finished product!

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